Virtual Enterprise


The term virtualisation refers to the making of a virtual version of a piece of hardware or software. We are able to assist your enterprise or SME with virtualisation of systems, drives, data, hardware and services. Our skill set lies in medium-sized deployments that save on capital expenditure and create a computing advantage for users and for the enterprise.

We work using most of the commercially available virtualisation solutions and can work with your preferred supplier or make a recommendation to you and back it with reasons and rationale for why a particular vendor might suit your needs better than others.

Averse Technologies are not aligned with any specific vendor and we are technology agnostic. We will always make a technical recommendation based on our knowledge of the product, what we know about you and our philosophy in business, which is to treat others like we would want to be treated. This is your assurance that whatever virtualisation solution we propose, will be the best option for your business.

We implement virtualisation solutions in medium sized enterprise, government departments, service organisations, registered training organisations (RTO’s), schools, universities, call centres and in professional service bureaus. This is done through various partitioning techniques using a range of hardware and procedural options we will be happy to share our knowledge on with you.