Software Solutions that Work


One of the most elusive pieces of business tooling can be software. The behaviours, results and work techniques applied in using software can often frustrate the user and slow down work rather than enhance it, if the software is not properly configured. Averse Technologies provide software selection, installation, configuration, user training, commissioning and support services that make software friendlier and more productive.

We are able to help you select and we then install software that will be of value to your business operations, processes and mission.

Our work is generally fast and we keep an eye out for any configuration issue that could affect users. We are cognisant of the need for software to work for the user, not the other way around.

Our specialty is in:

  • Microsoft Packages
  • Linux, UNIX and FreeBSD
  • Third Party Software
  • Proprietary and Special Use Software

We are also able to provider user manual development and user training as part of our software commissioning services. In some cases, we train hundreds of users in a classroom, simulated and external environment such as software used on public transport systems.