Automated Fare Collection (AFC) Systems

Transit Smart Ticketing

Automated Fare Collection (AFC) Systems

The term Automated Fare Collection Systems (AFC) refers to the hardware, software and systems that are used to collect revenue from passengers using public transport systems such as bus, rail, metro, tram and ferry. These systems often comprise passenger tokens such as smartcards, payment-enabled mobile phones, credit cards or other token types. These tokens work with a “front-end” device such as ticketing machine, reader, gate or on-board validator that deducts value from the card.

Our 13-plus-year experience with these systems places us in a position to assist you with the design, evaluation, installation, commissioning and/or support of these systems. Whether your potential project is government-driven due to regulations pertaining to ticketing or whether you are a government agency seeking to enhance the useability of the public transport system, we are able to assist with:

  • Design and system architecture
  • Vendor assessment, testing and due diligence
  • Negotiation of supplies from vendors
  • Development of system specifications or the assessment of specifications
  • Working with vendors and suppliers to implement AFC systems or components of systems
  • System integration services
  • Independent testing and reporting of system status
  • Deployment and commissioning services
  • User manual development, driver and operator training
  • Smartcard reload merchant or agent training and reload network support and maintenance
  • Maintenance and ongoing support for hardware, software and overall system health

We are able to provide these services for the range of public transport modes as well as multi-modal systems that cover an entire city.

A parallel and, often, important secondary service we provide is the commercialisation of smartcard technology into non-transit application such as using smartcards for payment in parking, vending, public amenities and other commercial applications that require the critical mass of a pre-paid smartcard system.

AFC systems are also used in tolling, toll payment and in low value transaction payments. Our expertise with Central Clearing House (CCH) systems, Unified Ticketing Systems, Central Processing Systems and their associated tiered architecture from layers 1 to 6, will assist you in making the right selection of this important piece of processing architecture.

The application of AFC-like systems, commonly referred to as “Mobility Systems” or “Intelligent Transportation Systems” (ITS) spans buses, trains, trams, ferries, metro lines, Bus Rapid Transit Systems (BRTS) and bus priority systems. Averse are able to assist in all these areas of the ITS discipline.