About Us

Averse Technologies Pty Ltd is a full service Information and Communication Technology (ICT) service provider specialising in lowered-risk technology solutions and implementation methodologies that lower enterprise risk in ICT deployments. Our core competencies lie in computing, cloud solutions, voice over IP, IT security and specialist solutions in payments, mobile devices, fare collection and merchant technologies.

About Us

Averse Technologies Pty Ltd is an Australian private company based in Sydney. We provide Information Technology services and supply both hardware and software quickly and at down-to-earth prices. We also support Information Technology Systems 24 hours a day 7 days a week both on-site and remotely. The company provides Information and Communication Technology (ICT) products and services to small and medium-sized firms, school,s colleges and medical centres as well as general businesses in the Greater Sydney Area.

The name Averse stems from the ongoing need to reduce the risk of technology projects whether these are basic network upgrades or mainstream, large-scale public ICT projects or schools or SME's. Our 20-year experience in ICT projects has witnessed a consistent message across all ICT customer segments: that information technology project sponsors and users are hesitant to take on extensive IT risks and commonly seek technologies that lower enterprise risk. Our name, Averse Technologies, is reflective of this trend and our approach to information technology is one of using lowered-risk, high-success processes and methodologies in our technology deployments.

Averse Technologies provide a wide array of ICT technologies and services ranging from basic IT support, networking, mail and server maintenance to complex, multi-site, specialised systems, school systems, Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) solutions and small practices. We specialise in Microsoft and Linux systems and support and manage all the major database brands and software flavours.

Our 360 degree view of the enterprise means that we are able to provide products and support in:

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Services

We hope Averse Technologies can be service and welcome your enquiries in all their forms.